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These items for home care and pets are all natural.  Each is crafted with homegrown pesticide-free herbs. We have this page under construction so please forgive us if links malfunction as we update this page of offerings.

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Green Cleaning

This is our newest line of products which we will add to as customer demand increases.  We have started with several versatile recipes.


The newest category of items for us is Green Cleaning Supplies!  No Harsh chemicals, All-natural ingredients.  Free yourself from harmful commercial blends with these germ-fighting, grease cutting  cleaning materials.

Bath & Kitchen Disinfecting Cleaner.  A make-it-yourself cleaner combining castile soap, lemon ecalyptus oil and peppermint tea.  Now you can use to clean and disinfect tile, formica, sinks, toilets, faucets and more.

Comes in a packet with enough for 1 cup of cleaner, or in a set of packets to make up to 5 indiviudal 1 cup batches. 

Single packets are $2.25

Combo packages of 5 are $8.95 (a 20% savings)

Quantity of Disinfecting Cleaner


Lemon Grass Dusting Cloths These 10 by 10 inch lint free cotton cloths are infused with herbal vinegar, water and lemon grass essential oil.  Kept damp in a sealed canning jar they can be used to dust furniture, clean bathroom fixtures or wipe off appliances.  The Lemon grass is a germ fighter and anti-bacterial and the vinegar cuts grease and oily marks.  They are a wonder on wood products.  As you can see in the photos, they even gave my 50 year old plywood book shelf a shiny finish.  Each jar contains 10 cloths and sells for $7.00 plus shipping.  Individual Cloths are available in a single zip seal bags for $1.50 ea.  They will keep indefinitely with no mold issues.

Lavender Cleaning Cloths Using the same lint-free cloths we infused these cloths with lavender essential oil.  These are dry cloths which can be used dry or wet and used to clean just about anything. They will work for dusting as well as kitchen and bathroom spot cleaning.  They can be used over and over until the cloth becomes too soiled.
Quantity of cleaning cloths
Scent of cloths

Creamy Non-abrasive Cleanser

Perfect for acrylic and fiberglass surfaces, this smooth cleanser won’t scratch tubs, stovetops or laminated counter tops.  Using a combination of borax and vegetable based soap with refreshing lemon essential oil you will love to use this around your kitchen and bath.  Just place a small amount on a damp sponge and you are on your way to a fresh clean home without chemicals.

 Dry Scouring Powder

Use this like you would a commercial powdered cleanser.  To use it in the toilet, sprinkle the powder into the bowl and then spritz with all purpose herb vinegar spray and allow to fizz before brushing the toilet bowl.  Place it on a damp cloth and use to clean porcelain sinks, tubs and tile showers and is great on soap scum.  Made with a combination of essentials oils that fight germs and cut grime.

Cleanser Version $4.95

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Catnip -- A zip seal package of about 1/2 cup (1/8 to 1/4 oz. depending on dryness) organically raised catnip.  A mixture of Catmint and traditional Catnip.  This blend has a nice scent and a gentle effect on the cats.  It is not treated with any chemicals, so it is harmless if they consume it.  Can be placed in or on scratching posts, stuffed toys or placed in a nylon stocking toe for easy play.  Each package is $2.00

Flea Spray -- A zip seal package containing 4 individual tea bags filled with a blend with rosemary, penny royal and other flea repelling herbs which when steeped in a cup of water creates a spray.  Good for cats.  Great on dogs.  Use as an after-bath rinse or as a spray between baths.  Be aware this will NOT kill fleas, but it does repel them, as well as flies, so when using on pets turn them outside for a while after spraying. Each package is $2.00

Pet Rinse -- A large tea bag containing soothing herbs specially formulated to help wash away soap residue.  To use you create a tea with the large tea bag and dilute in rinse water for a fragrant and relatively scratch-free pet.  This cotton tea bag contains herbs that will cut the soap residue left by bathing and to keep your pets skin healthy and itch-free, while leaving a pleasant scent.  Especially good on dogs with high lanolin fur, as it cuts the "wet dog" smell.

Number of sachets

Kittie Kookies -- A specially formulated blend of cat enticing herbs and ingredients that will make your kitty purr.  And the best part is there are no preservatives or harmful additives.  Cat Tested and Kitty Approved.  As you can see in the photo, our cats just love them.  You get a 1/2 pound of Kittie Kookies in a small bag or box. Contains: whole wheat flour, milk, eggs (for a shiny coat), wheat germ, molasses, canola oil (for hair ball control) and catnip.

Flea Sachet for Cats -- This cotton sachet can be placed underneath or inside a cat bed or blanket to help repel fleas.  It uses penny royal, catnip, chamomile and just a drop of peppermint oil.  The scent is soothing and enjoyable for the cat.

number of sachets

Flea Mist for Cats -- This blend of oils gives cats’ fur luster as well helping repel fleas and ticks.  You can mist the cat or massage it into their fur.  Comes in a small spray bottle selling for $3.25


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For Body Pampering, the Herb N Rice Muscle Relaxer Bag - If you have stiff muscles or cold feet we have the perfect solution for you.  A hand-sewn cloth bag filled with rice and an assortment of soothing aromatherapy herbs.  Pop the bag into the microwave to warm for 30 seconds and soothe away stiff muscles or warm cold feet.

See these sweet smelling bags here!

Microwave Rice Bags $6.99


Vacuum Freshener -- Just sprinkle this mixture of aromatic herbs in baking soda on the carpet and vacuum as usual. The mixture will perfume the room and freshen the vacuum. Safe for bagless vacuums and non-toxic to pets.  Contents vary depending on season; contact me if you have any allergies to certain plants before you buy.  Powder is sealed in a paper envelope with complete instructions.


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Scented Herbs


Place these in your pillow and let the aroma work on you to soothe and relax.  Four different sachets available.  Each sells for $2.25

Sleep sachet -- A small cloth pillow (3" x 3 1/2") to slip inside your pillow case. The blend of floral and savory herbs brings gentle slumber. Contains, rose, lavender, chamomile and other herbs. Sealed cotton sachet is packaged in a paper envelope with decorative labeling and complete instructions

Headache sachet -- A pillow of cotton (3" x 3 1/2") that you slip under your head when a headache is setting in.  The gentle citrus and savory fragrance of natural herbs will help ward off stress. Contains lemon verbena, lavender, marjoram and cloves.  Sealed cotton sachet is packaged in a paper envelope with complete instructions. 

Relaxation sachet -- This little pillow (3" x 3 1/2") is filled with relaxation herbs that will assist sleep and push away stress.  Contains .  Sealed cotton sachet is packaged in a paper envelope with complete instructions.

Lavender Sachet -- A lavender-filled cotton sachet, 3 x 31/2 inches in size, which is perfect to freshen drawers and closets.  Or slip one under your pillow to aid sleep.  All-natural organic ingredients make it person friendly

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