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New Bouquet Garni Blends


This is something old, yet different.  We added new recipes to a traditional Bouquet Garni blend we offer.Bouquet Garni is a bundle of herbs you place into long cook recipes.  My version is a mix of dried herbs placed in a filter bag you can use the same way.


We have three new blends to add to our original Bouquet Garni:

  • Traditional (original) Bouquet Garni
  • New Bouquet Garni (with peppercorns)
  • Provence Garni (a blend similar to Herbs de Provence)
  • Shrimp Boil Garni (makes a spicy treat)


New Bouquet Garni Blends $2.35 each



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Relaxation Holy Basil Tea

We only offer this tea when we have the special ingredient, Holy Basil, so it is time again to offer this relaxing meditative blend.  It will calm the mind allowing more restful sleep.  The additional ingredients including rose hips with vitamin C and other herbs can boost your immunity to winter illnesses and the stresses of frigid weather.

I included our two seasonal teas in the dropdown as well (and for those who loved them the two blend from 2013 will also be available), so you can take advantage of these blends before they sell out!  Each tea will be packaged in a zip seal bag with complete instructions.

Choose Your Tea Blend $4.00




















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