Seasonal Products


Seasonal Products

This set of items is what we have made just for the current season.  Most items are available in limited quantities only during this season while the herbs are freshest or best for these blends.  If something you wanted from the previous season is not shown on the page, please email me at to see if we still have it available.

As the weather grows cooler and the apples get ripe, it is time for Chai Teas, Cider Blends and Cinnful Dessert Blend.

We have three blends for cider:  A Wassail in a cotton bag, a Mulled Cider in an oversized tea bag, and a Spiced Cider you can use as a simmer too.  We also have a sweetened Wine blend to make Hot Spiced Wine.

Chai tea blends with citrus, cardamom, and cinnamon mixed with Black and Green teas are perfect on a cool night. As are the Hot Chocolate Blends.

And our versatile Cinnful Dessert blend is tastier than any traditional pumpkin pie spice.  Check them all out on the Seasonal Products Page on Etsy or buy them right here!

Fall Items to Choose From

Cinnful Dessert Blend

This great holiday mix is a multifaceted spice blend to create pies, fruit compotes, fruit crisps and special muffins. We have used it to create strudel topping for muffins and seasoned sweetened nuts for holiday gift giving.  It is a perfect substitute for pumpkin pie spices that is not as bitter as store-bought blends. 

The label includes our muffin topping and fruit compote recipes and we include the recipe for the Roasted Nuts in the photograph too! And if you would like to try a Pumpkin Roll, check out our Recipe Archive.

The blend contains cinnamon, lemon peel, nutmeg, ginger, allspice.

Seasonal Teas

For 2014 we have two new tea blends Silver and Gold and Holly and Ivy.  We will also be making our blends from 2013 available for another season due to their popularity.

Silver and Gold - An all herb blend of silver sage with calendula petals and chamomile for gold along with a touch of cinnamon and the robust flavor of marjoram.  This a flavorful and relaxing blend is just what you need for evening drinking around a warm fire.

Holly and Ivy – This wonderful red and green blend uses Rooibos (Honey Bush) with Green Tea mixed with a bit of hibiscus and rose hips and a touch of lemon balm to create a refreshing tea perfect for Christmas morning.

Christmas Comfort & Joy (a 2013 blend) mixes lavender and hibiscus with lemon balm and raspberry leaf for a smooth drinking all herb blend that has just a hint of citrus.

Cinnamon Delight (a 2013 blend) For the black tea lover we crafted a delightful tea with black tea, lemon and orange peel, cloves and cinnamon that was developed from a recipe once used in World War II as a coffee substitute.

Relaxing Holy Basil Tea - A special blend we only make in the fall and winter.  It helps with seasonal stress and boosts immunity to keep the holiday from overwhelming you.


Choose Your Tea Blend $4.00

Custom Gift Baskets


You can create any combination of materials from the Backyard Patch as a Gift Basket.  We can choose a basket, tin or other decorative container and fill it with bath, tea, food or any combination of herbal products.  Then we’ll wrap it nicely and tie it with a bow.  These items can be shipped anywhere for any special event. 

Just give us a few ideas, your price range, and we will take it from there.  To see a few examples of gift items, check out our Etsy Shop.


Zodiac Boxes 

Among our newest gift items is a hand-crafted box of herbs, herb blends, herbal tea or bath related herbs that match the zodiac sign of the recipient.  You can gather these therapeutic herbs for yourself or someone special.  Each box, linked to a Zodiac sign, are carefully formulated for that sign to include herbs that help create harmony and health. 


Since each sign of the Zodiac has different needs the boxes contain 5 to 8 items for each sign that may include single herbs for cooking; or bath and relaxation or aromatherapy items; or even special salves and potpourri crafted using the herbs that best influence that Zodiac sign.

I then gather all of the items together in a decorative box with a multi-page printout of Herb and Zodiac Information tailored to the Sign, that includes many recipes for Zodiac specific meals. We have Herbal Zodiac Kits for each sign of the Zodiac and you can find them all listed under our Seasonal Products section on Etsy  

Zodiac Kits include:

Due to the seasonal nature of these kits they are most easily listed and removed from our Etsy site (like herbal vinegars.)  You will find each sign posted about 3 months before the season of the zodiac they are for.  Each will be removed 30 days after the zodiac season. 

If  you want one out of season, click the custom order button on any zodiac listing and ask me if I have the herbs available to craft the box.  Each box is priced based on the herbs included but range from $17.99 to 21.00